Sunday, April 10, 2011

A new start - 2011 Leadville training week #1

I have always been a flat land, pavement pusher.  Being from Neenah, WI it is about the only option right out my door.  I tend to run on a treadmill (TM) more than most people and I actually enjoy TM running.  The last couple of years I have been feeling burnt out.  I am dedicate 2011 to new experiences and having fun.  Leadville 100 mile race seems to fit that bill as I have never run a 100 mile trail race and trail running or anything that involves hills is outside my comfort zone. 

Leadville training started April 4th after a long period of unfocussed training and most recently 2 weeks off to heal my right achilles tendon.  My focus is to learn to be a strong downhill runner - I will likely power hike most the steeper ups, but the downs are what will ruin my race if I am not well trained.

Leadville training week #1 - All runs are outside unless I state TM (Treadmill)

4/4 - AM - Easy 8 on TM (Hey you have to start somewhere)
4/5 - Lunch - Easy 6  / PM 90 minutes of hill bombing - 11 miles
(Basically run up easy and bomb down - repeat)
4/6 - Lunch - Easy 6 / PM easy 6 (I am really sore - I over did the hill bombing)
4/7 - AM - Easy 16 (Wanted a speed workout - still really sore - oops!)
4/8 - AM - 8 Speed workout (5k @ LAT) / PM easy 8
4/9 - AM - 4.5 hours of trail running - 27 miles on the Ice Age trail near Greenbush WI
4/10 - Lunch - Easy 9 on TM with 1.5 walking @ 15% incline / PM - Easy 6

Total mileage 111 miles in 11 runs - Nice start.  Now I just need to get my eating better - 195 will make the race a little easier.

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  1. Need to do training for myself as well. Thanks for sharing the blog with us as it is inspiring for me and motivated me that I can also do it. Thanks for sharing it