Monday, April 18, 2011

Best 5k ever

I have not run a 5k in a few years, I really do not like them Sam I am.  But my DD#1 Erin (10 yo) wanted to run some 5ks this year, so we started with Oshkosh 5k on Saturday.  Now Erin is not a runner (yet) but as a parent, I want to help her to learn to enjoy different experiences in life.  After playing basketball until February, her training has been doing a run / walk for 1-2 miles 1-3 times a week.  We have not found a middle gear yet, she runs really fast and walks really slow.

She was nervous for her 1st race, I do not think the weather helped.  Race day temps were 33-35F and moderate rain the whole time.  She ran her own race and I was there to keep her company and give her support.  I think we ran  40% and walked 60%, but we finished running and both had a big smile on our face!

I think both the race time of 42:15 and the weather can be improved upon next time - But it really does not matter, it was just nice to share the experience.

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  1. YAY! DB is blogging! Great story... I always love it when my dad jogs with me, but these days I can kick his ass.