Monday, December 3, 2012

I've Been Challenged - Desert Solstice

My friend Jen has challenged me to a 24 hour duel in the sun.  We are both running Desert Solstice on December 15-16th and to make it interesting she called me out to race for beer(s).

She has been running reasonably well lately with a 19:35 Heartland 100 mile finish (1st female 6th OA) in October. 

I took some down time in September and October, so I am not in top shape, but reasonable shape - So the 20 miles I agreed to spot Jen is reasonably fair.

My DW Jill is crewing both Jen and I - So it will be easy to keep track of where we are at in our battle.

Overall I feel pretty good, although the inside of my right knee still gets pretty angry some days.  2 days of downhill skiing this weekend did not help much.  The hope is that in the next 11 days of taper it will quiet down and disappear.

The field of 19 athletes is pretty stacked

Although you never know who is going for a super fast 100 mile time and who is going for the 24 hour distance.  I know for sure that Phil McCarthy, Jen Aradi and myself are all looking for the 24.

It's funny but if I would have a bad race, I could finish dead last with this field.  I have never finished dead last - I am hoping to save that experience for another time.

I think I better start over-dressing for my runs here on out.  The weather is a lot different in Phoenix than in Wisconsin this time of year.

Good running to all -


  1. I've finished DFL a few times, most memorably in my first 100 mile finish. It's not terrible.

  2. Better than my 1st 100 mile attempt DNF.

    My guess is that multiple people will be going for a really fast 100 mile time (Like other years), so as long as I get > 100 miles I will not finish DFL.

    I am hoping to jusr relax and enjoy the pain ... My last 2 24's I put way too much pressure on myself.

  3. Good luck Mike! One more for me this year. Well, two if you include the Jingle Bell Marathon - Fat A$$ on 12/22. Running the HUFF 50K again on 12/29, so that should be quite fun.

  4. Interesting bet. Can I get in on it?? I don't feel in top shape either. I need something to keep me motivated for 24 hours. Last year, I was a slug and quit at 100.... FYI, last year it started raining during the night and got kind of cold. During the day it was pretty warm and SUNNY (bring sun screen).

  5. Deb - Not sure 20 is fair considering what a stud you are - We can talk about it on Friday ... But I am always up for a beer bet.

  6. I am feeling old and decrepid so I think I might need more than 20 to be fair....

    1. GO DADDY! Right now he is in 8th place. And Deb, Mom (Jill) said that it has been freezing cold all day and that she was getting laughed at for wanting to wear her winter jacket. Plus it has been raining and is colder than here in WI! So I guess you should subtract sun-screen out of the equation! GO DAD!!

  7. Must have been one heck of cold day in the desert!