Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Big Horse 2012 in review

2012 was the year of running many miles, running many races (For me) and performing mediocre or worse at almost all of them.

I will hit a little over 6,000 miles this year.  I have run 12 races of marathon distance or further with 3 tries at the 24 hour race.  Each 24 hour race is an emotional adventure that is always self enlightening.

I hit 192 pounds just prior to Badgerland Striders 24 - The lowest have seen on a scale in many years.  Since then I continue to struggle and after taking 10 days off after Desert Solstice 24 I am back @ 220 pounds.

2012 was an "OK" year.  I am happy to have met many new people, I learned some valuable lessons.  One lesson is that I need to do consistent speed work, I cannot just run a lot of miles, sharpen with speed for a few weeks and perform at a reasonable level. 

The adventure of the year was Glacial Trail 50M ~ After 2+ inches of rain Friday night and 3 inches during the race, it was a mud skating fest.

Disappointment(s) of the year = FANS24 and BLS24.  Both of these races I was in really good shape and ran too hard early and blew a chance at making the USA 24 hour team.  I believe this was a blessing from God.  Although I have had a couple of good 24 hour races in my career, I really do not like the 24 hour race and it beats the snot out of me.

Final thing I learned ... All running and no play makes this Big Horse unhappy.  I need to do a multitude of physical activities in addition to running to be happy.

May God bless your 2013

Good running to all!


  1. I'd like to think you'll bounce back stronger Mike! You know your mind, body, and running better then anyone. I'll tell you what, I sure wish every race turned out the way I intended it to.

    I've had a great year by my standards. Ran 2 Boston Qualifiers, won my age group (40-44) for the Chicago Half Marathon Series(3 races), and set a new 50 Mile PR(7:30) along the way. And I had fun helping a young lady run her fastest marathon time just this past weekend. I have big goals for 2013.

    I wish you and your family the best in the New Year. Take time. Recharge!!!! And I hope to see you out there soon.

  2. Thanks Craig. I lost my way in 2nd half of 2010, 2011 and 2012 with only sporadic speed work. I am excited for 2013. Although I love racing, it seemed in 2012 everytime I started to make a little training headway, I was racing again.

    Congrats on a great season.