Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Monkey Race Report

That was painful - But pain was expected.  What was not expected - The 1st time ever, I ran into some kind of wall in the last 5 miles.  It acted like glycogen depletion, but I do not believe I was depleted.  I ate the right things the week before, I ate well the night before, I had 800 calories the morning of the race and I had 7 gels in the race.  How the heck do I hit the glycogen wall?

Maybe it wasn't the wall.  I have hit the wall in training runs and twice in half marathons that I went in depleted.  But it acted like the wall.  Any attempt to keep the pace reasonable caused me to be out of breath, light headed and almost pass out.

It was a beautiful day to run in hills outside of Nashville.  Cold early, but by the time beer was served it was great weather to hang out and drink beer.

Thank you to Trent and all the volunteers that make Monkey special!

Good running to all!

PS - 3:13:17


  1. Yeah, sometimes weird things like that happen my friend. It creeps up on you and then BAM. On the other hand, nice effort for such a tough course. I haven't run that course but do know that area is hilly.

    Running a half marathon on Saturday (Schaumburg, IL). The past 4 weeks I've run a 50M(7:30:40), and paced a friend in the Veterans Marathon, which ultimately was a longer run for me. We didn't meet her goal time of 4:15(4:29), but it was alot of fun. In the half I'm looking to run hard as it will be my last race effort of the year. Then I'll lay off the speed work and enjoy the miles over the holidays.

  2. Good luck in the 1/2M - Nice 50M time. I have taken my offseason already(Sept 2 - Oct 31), So I am ready to go. Monkey was a bit of a fitness test ~ The test answered one important question = Goal #1 for the remainder of the year is weight loss.

    Jan = Base building
    Feb-Mar = Speed
    April = goal race.

    1. I have two goals in 2013!

      August = Finish Leadville!
      *I'm giving up Boston(again) in April to do it. Can't afford both
      *Was going to run Sawtooth, but Pam gave me the okay for LT100 so I can't pass it up.

      November = Chicago Lakefront 50M / Run as close to 7:00 as possible.
      *If I'm recovered enough from Leadville :).

      Long shot goal would be to break 3:00 in the marathon again in the Spring. It has been 7 years since I've done that. But I'm working on speed more, so maybe!

  3. Hard to say what that was, but dehydration's a possibility.

  4. Good running to you as well. I hope you get your energy back as soon as you can and be able to run again. Have faith!