Monday, March 26, 2012

Week ended 3/25 Recovery Week

The statement "recover week" might seem odd  - 159 miles on 12 runs - Total time 22:47.

I guess it was really more of a recovery weekend.  I skipped Friday nights 30+ mile run, I only did a 4 mile run Saturday.  Sunday was a nice 26 mile technical trail run with my friend Andy.  I road down to the Ice Age trail with Andy and his wife Shannon.  Shannon ran a few hours on the trail at her own pace while Andy and I ran Mauthe Lake to Parnell Tower and back.  It's nice to share my favorite trail run with friends.

There are really 2 types of recovery:  Recovery of the body and recovery of the mind and spirit.  I feel I have accomplished both of these over the weekend.  I was able to spend many hours playing inside and out with my family.  Running beautiful technical trail with friends may leave you a bit physically tired - But it always brings a certain serenity to the mind and spirit.

I have run nothing but flatish roads, trails or treadmill since early November.  My favorite trail run has left my quads and knees a bit banged up - But it is a pleasant soreness.

The original goal was to be > 200 miles this week and by that measuring stick it was a big fail.  The overall goal of getting into good 24 hour race shape is still on  track.  In fact this was a needed reprieve from the constant grind of all out training.

This coming week is a little in flux.  I would like to get in 110 miles in the 5 days before Mad City 50k.  That would mean going long (Hard Day) tonight and Wednesday.  I really do not like back to back hard days (Sun-Mon), but that would allow 2 easy days before Mad City. 

Mad City 50k will be run at a good effort - But it will fall into more of a training run than race.  If I feel good at the end I will try and get in 2 more 10k laps. 

Good running to all -


  1. Keep it rolling. The train is building steam and shedding weight. choo choo.

    john r

  2. It was a great run yesterday! Thanks for showing me (us) the trail. I'm sorry I didn't believe you at the start when you said nine miles would seem like fifteen. My quads are killing me from the hills today, but it is a pleasant soreness - you're right! Hope I can tag along with you guys again sometime soon. Have a good week!

  3. Hi Mike-
    I just saw your comment on teh Greenbush site, and I'm sure we can find some people to join you! In my opinion, the trail from Glenbeulah to Parnell is the best in the woods, but after running near Mauthe Lake last week, I had forgotten how nice that area is as well!