Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I have been through the range of running emotions since I last posted. 

November 11th I was at my DD#1 11th birthday party and had a "Why" moment.  Why am I running?  Why have I given up all the other things I love to do? 

I could not answer the question - So I stopped running.  To be fair, I started to run only 50-60 miles per week with no training focus.  I drank (Booze) and ate what I wanted to.  I played racketball, I downhill skied, I played volleyball and put on weight.  By the time January 1st came around I weighed 242#. (+33 pounds)

Next up was the thought of running 10 hours or less a week and do all those other things I enjoy doing.  I followed this for the month of January.

February 4th I ran the John Dick Crusty 50k - A beautiful, icey, sunny day to run on the trail.  I was slow - But I smiled almost the whole time.  I decided I miss being in shape, I miss running effortlessly for hours on end and finally ... I miss being competetive.  Oh, I could have never beat Zach - But I mean in a general sense of competetive.

February 6th - I decided to start training ... But for what?  I need to lose a bunch of weight = lots of miles.  I can run more miles if I run slower ... So I decided to train for FANS24 hour race.  With the caveat that I will not sign up for it or run it unless I am < 205#. 

February 13th - I gave up alchohol (No not forever - But I am in training!).

February I ran 536 slow miles - Weight 2/29 = 224#

Last 3 weeks - All slow miles - A lot of walk breaks

Feb 13th - Feb 19th = 131 miles
Feb 20th - 26th = 171 miles
Feb 27th - Mar 4th = 168 miles

I will not post as much as I did before I lost my way - But I will track my weekly progress toward FANS24 - June 2-3rd.

If anyone is still out there - Thanks for reading.


  1. I'm out here. Thanks for posting.

  2. Glad to see you running and posting in your blog again.

    john r

  3. Glad to see you posting again!

  4. Good to have you back. You're doing more miles in each week than I've done all year.

  5. The pig is rolling! Glad you are back running and posting!

  6. look forward to reading about your progress