Monday, March 19, 2012

Week ended 3/18

Another good foundation week - 182 miles on 16 runs - Total time 24:42 = 7.38 MPH. 

I tapered 2 days, TH 10 mi /7mi  & FR 6/5, for the Fox Cities Marathon - Backward.  This is a fat-ass type event that my local running club (Appleton Pacesetters) puts on.  It was nice to run with a few people; Mike, Anthony and Alisha for parts of the race.  We started @ 8:00ish pace and rolled along - I wore my camelback and had 8 gels in my pockets.  We broke apart mostly because of bathroom breaks ~ But Anthony and I ran to 17 together.  At that point I am not sure what happened - did he had dropped something? but all of a sudden he was 20 seconds behind.  I did not slow down and he did not catch up - At mile 22, I looked back and he was still 20 seconds behind, so I decided to push the last 4 miles and finished in 3:13:25. 

Sunday I felt pretty good, so I did 32 easy trail miles in the afternoon and then foolishly did 8 more night time TM miles watching basketball.  So I start this week a little crisp with a bit of over training going for me.

I am making good progress toward my 2 spring goals.  Break 3 hours @ Carmel Marathon April 21st and be ready to run a decent 24 hour race @ FANS24 June 2-3.

As I sit here Monday morning, I still want to hit a big mileage week this week.  I am just not sure how it will go.  But I do look forward to a nice Technical 4+ hour trail run with a friend or a few friends this coming Sunday.

Weight this morning was a beat down, slight dehydrated and glycogen depleted 211#

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  1. That is a Lot of running big guy. Keep it up.

    John R