Monday, October 24, 2011

Tweaky Hamstring

I feel great - My legs have a lot of pep and my mind is loving training again. 

But ... Every workout for the last 4 weeks is being limited by a tweaky hamstring.  It results in a few less miles in long runs, fewer hill loop repeats and a less rep or 2 for speed workouts. 

I find it interesting that I am  limited to workouts that feel solid (good) but not great and yet overall I feel great and I am making nice weekly progress.  I am starting to wonder if "Great" workouts are counter productive.  Do they leave us older runners too beaten down to recover quickly enough for the next one? 

My tweaky hamstring has brought me to this revelation ... but now that I see the light, it can go away.  I have never suffered from any issues of the hamstring.  This is just a mild case of either tight or a slightly pulled right hamstring.  I will take my usual injury treatment route - Continue to train through it.

Good running to all!

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