Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tweaky Hamstring Continued

Not much new to report.

I took it easy last Saturday - Tuesday, only logging 31 miles in 4 days in hopes of putting my tweaky right hamstring issue behind me.  I really do not notice a change, I still have to stop ever speed workout or hill workout when it starts to bark at me.  The 4 day lull did manage to leave me refreshed and hungry to continue to train.

I completed week # 2 of re-starting leg weights, lunges and core work.  I do think eventually this will put the hamstring issue to bed, will help avoid future injuries and improve my form (Core).

The hamstring issue does not stop me from getting decent workouts in, it just cuts them short.

MON - 8 miles with 4 @ T
WED - 18 miles with 5x5 minutes @ 30 min race pace
FRI - 15 miles of hill loops (10 hill loops)
SUN - 16 miles with 3x2 miles @ T

Wednesday - I did the whole workout, but was pushing my luck.  Friday I had hoped for 21 miles, but cut it short.  Sunday's workout was planned at 4x2 miles and it was going smooth and easy until the end of #3 then it was obviously time to stop.

I do think by the end of November the issue will be over.  I continue to make steady progress on increasing speed with taking 3-4 seconds a week out of all paces. 

Good running to all!

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