Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Glacial 50k race report

Glacial 50M / 50k never disappoints.  A beautiful day running in the fall colors, followed by hanging out in the afternoon sun and drinking a few beers with friends (old and new).  I managed to keep the effort below race pace - But a strong paced training run.

A huge shout out for Cassie Scallon - Another amazing race.  She won the 50k race outright setting a new course record.  I did not see her time, but maybe 4:15  She already set the 50 mile course record in 2010 (7:45).  Although this is not a huge race, it is 25 years old and some great women have toed the line though the years ... I would expect to see more of her at the top end of race results in the near future!

Also a big congrats to my friend Craig Redfearn, who slowed down to run with me for the 1st 8ish miles.  He went on to a solid 4th OA finish in 4:33.  I ran my 1st ultra ever with Craig at the 50 mile version of this race back in 2006.

My time = 4:52 - 2:27 out and a 2:25 back in.  I was very happy that I signed up for the 50k, as the cool, sunny morning gave way to afternoon heat.

If you love really well run, smaller races with a home town feel - This race is a must do.

Good running to all -

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