Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Glacial 50 Mile / 50k Preview

Great classic trail race - You should run it!

The glacial 50M / 50K is a "Runners Race".  Not a lot of hype or frills.  There are 7 aide stations for the 50 mile race - You need either 2 handhelds or a camelback for water.  The course has a nice mix of terrain:  Relentless ups and downs, grassy meadows, rocks and roots, Smooth through the pines.  Over all the most common terrain is lots of small hills with rocks and roots.  If you have ADD and lose your focus often, you will fall often.

Aide stations volunteers are very helpful.  The aide stations are stocked with everything you need, but not a lot more.  The finish line food is typically soup, chili, sandwiches with soda and water.  Last year there was a couple coolers of really good beer.  People tend to hang out after the race - either out in the sun or inside and chat.  Very relaxed atmosphere and laid back race.

One nice feature is they hand out awards as you cross the finish line.

Although an hour from my house, I consider this my home course.  I have ran different parts of this course 15-18 times this year.  So I signed up for the 50k this Saturday, not to race, but to support this great race and to enjoy a beautiful fall day on the trail.  Weather forecast is for 50 at start and around 70 at the finish. 

The 50k is stacked this year.  I see at least 2 women that would "chick" me even if I was running all out:  Christine Crawford (Hope she is strong after struggling with injury for a long time) and Cassie Scallon (The 50 mile course record holder).  A nice field of men also ... but my goal is not to race.  I hope to be around 5 hours, but if I am slower it is ok.  I consider this a training run for my next marathon - The infamous Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon.

Good running to all -

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  1. You know this post really motivated me to start participating in a competitive sport because my fitness level the really low and I think it's about time I do something about them.