Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Report from Orthopedic Doctor

Path of treatment is to just let it heal.  Next Monday, I have another appointment for X-Ray and start rehab to get range of motion back.  He feels if I am willing to work hard and accept a lot of pain, I will get all, to almost all the range of motion back in that arm.

No running this week, but I can walk at incline or do stairclimber.  Next week I can run some to pain tolerance - but not usual training levels.

I still believe I can finish Leadville - Just slow and steady.

Now I have to get a plan together and get motivated to do what I can to be in finishing shape in less than 6 weeks.

I really think this was great news.  The silly fall in this silly sport I love will not take my ability to enjoy life with my family away (Long term) - Although we had to cancel whitewater rafting from the family vacation.

Good running to all! 


  1. Sorry to hear about your injury. Best of luck at Leadville and hope you get to reschedule that Beer Mile :)

  2. Sorry to hear about your injury. I guess just enjoy Leadville, make it fun. You can probably still do pretty well with the base you have. Will you be at Glacial Age this year?

    Joe J

  3. I tried to run Superior 100 with a broken hand; it's harder than you expect, because you can't carry things the way you want. Most people doing Leadville are focused on Hope Pass; they get through it (twice) and then time out at one of the next aid stations - so stay focused on getting from 70-85 miles and let the rest take care of itself. Also, I got surprised at how altitude makes one dehydrate quickly, so watch fluid intake. Best of luck!

  4. Thanks everyone - No make up beer mile - Although a lot of make up beer.

    Glacial ??? I would like to be there is some shape or form - maybe volunteering if not running. If I do run it will be the 50k.

    Steve - I have always opted for the more hydration - wearing a camel back - even though it is carrying more weight. I do not drink to thirst or eat to hunger - I do these things on schedule

    Michael Henze