Monday, July 18, 2011

Leadville thoughts revisited

2011 has been a difficult year for training.  My original goals included getting into PR marathon shape, getting my weight down below 190 pounds, running Leadville in under 20 hours and finishing in the top 2 at the US 24 Hour Championship.

Most of my set backs have been self imposed.  I never got into the weight loss groove and every time I put a few good weeks of training together I put a week or 2 of really bad training together.

I tend to train the best and lose weight the fastest when I feel some sort of desperation.  I had hit a sufficient point of desperation three weeks ago.  Since then I have lost 2 full weeks of training with the head injury and broken arm.  The head is mostly healed and I should make a full recovery from the broken arm.

Today I have received the medical OK to run as much as my arm can tolerate ... "Just don't fall down!".   But I am past the point of desperation, perfection in training and nutrition can not deliver on my goals.  Desperation has been replaced with calmness.  I am at peace that I will just do what ever I can do to try and finish Leadville.   After Leadville I will re-assess if there is any reason to put myself through the torture of a 24 hour race when I can not make enough mileage to make the team.  Instead I may just train for a December 24 hour race and try and make the team with an "At Large" performance.

2 weeks ago
Mon - Thu No running
FR 5 easy am / 4 easy pm
SA 25 miles of DWD 50k - Before breaking arm

Last Week
Mon - Fri Nothing
SA - 30 min Stair Climber + 2 miles walking @ 15% incline + 1/2 mile run
SU - 2 miles walking @ 15% incline + 4 miles running at 5-15% incline

11 Day family vacation to Yellowstone starts Wednesday night - I am guessing I will not fit a lot of training into the vacation and nutrition may be questionable at best.

Good running to all!

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