Monday, July 11, 2011

Broken Arm - Radial Head Fracture

I ran DWD 50k this past weekend, well 25.3 miles of it.  I fell on the easiest part of the course, top of bluff at Devil's Lake.  I caught myself with my hands on this paved section.  My left hand was bloodied, so I tried to get up with my right arm - I knew it was broken.

I ran through the next aide station.  My arm did not hurt much if I held it a certain way and did not move it.  I had thoughts of finishing.  I realized I had to redo the 4 mile ski hill loop that I had fallen 3 times walking down the steep and slick part ... I could not afford to fall on the useless arm.


Great race - I loved the sadistic idea of taking us through so many thorns and brambles.  Lots of quad burning climbs and off trail sections.  I had taken good care of my body and was ready to start racing hard.

Sadly, this means I was a DNS at the afternoon beer mile

Basically the head of the radial - where it meets the elbow is fractured.  No cast, yet - I am waiting to hear from the Orthopedic Doc.

Leadville in 6 weeks ???

Good running to all!

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