Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Leadville training - Week of June 20th - 26th

Grandma's marathon weighed heavy on my legs the whole week.  I really wanted to get back to hills and trails - but I did not manage much.  I came to realize that I have 30 good days of training left for Leadville.  July 20th starts an 11 day family vacation to Yellowstone ... This is family time 1st and I will be thrilled just to maintain fitness, but look forward to doing a few runs at a bit of altitude.  By the time we get back it will be 18 days before we leave for Leadville.

So recovery was the key to the week, with the goal to be ready to pound the trails on Monday (see previous post)

June 20-26th (215#)
M 6 easy in PM on Wiouwash trail
T  8 easy in AM / 6 easy @ lunch
W 5 easy in AM / 7 easy in PM
TH 13 easy in AM / 5 easy @ Lunch / 6 w/ 4 High Cliff Hill repeats in PM
F 9 in AM w/ 1 mile of barefoot grass striders / 5 easy @ lunch
SA 18 w 3x5 minutes intervals @ 5k pace in AM / 5 easy in PM
SU 7 easy in AM

Total = 100 mostly easy miles, 1 weight lifting / core session + 3 wakeboard runs & 2 tubing runs (Sat / Sun boating fun with family)

Good running to all!

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