Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Leadville Training Week # 11 - Grandma's Marathon Week

Taper has it's benefits - I have been getting a lot of odds and ends done around the house.  Getting to work early and I have a lot of energy.  Yet, what I am longing most for is a nice 4-5 hour trail run ... Hoping next week Tuesday to scratch that itch.

This week has been going to plan as it usually does marathon week.  Much lower volume with light speed workouts and striders.  Eating has been spot on and no beer.  The last 3 days prior to a marathon I only run one time per day - So that's a bit of a downer ... but that leaves an abundance of time for family fun.

Week # 10 in review
M  5 Easy in AM + Striders / 10 interval with 3x6 minutes @ T in PM
T 6 easy in AM + Striders / 5 Easy @ Lunch
W 6 with 3x3 minutes @ 5k pace in AM
TH 5 in AM + 1 mile at Marathon Pace
FR 4 in AM + 3:00 at mile race pace 30 seconds all out (West Aussie Carb Loading)
SA  27 with 26.2 @ Marathon Pace - 2:55:45 (1:2800 / 1:27:45)
SU  Off

*  No particlular Saturday beer goal - But I am guessing it will either be medium long or long run type numbers
Plan is for 68 miles Mo-Sa with marathon + whatever I feel like or not on Sunday


  1. Best of luck at Grandma's! Try to stay out of the way of the girls going for olympic qualifying times.

  2. Thanks Steve - It was much more fun the lsat 2 grandmas when I could park myself behind that group and watch for a few miles.

    This time I will start behind them and lose sight soon after.

    Michael Henze