Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Leadville training week # 8 & Week # 9: Balancing - Falling Down - Getting back up

My friend Richard and I have a saying: "It is not as important how many times you fall down, only that you get up one more time than you fall."

This big horse struggles with life balance - My priorities are:
1)  God
2)  Family
3)  Friends
4)  Work
5)  Training

Often the time and effort spent is in a different order.  Training requires a little different lifestyle and for me it goes best when I run every day.  If I take 1 day off it's OK - But 2 or more and I feel sluggish and it will take a week or more to get back in the groove.  Usually days off are days that are filled with either food or beer or both.  If you do not have food issues - God bless you - But you can not understand the struggle.  Those of you that do, are nodding you head, "I'm with you Brother". 

Falling Down
Memorial Day weekend we camped with 6 other families.  Volleyball, kickball, fishing and a lot more.  It was one of those weekends, if I was not running, I would say was near perfect.  Carefree time with family and friends, fun activities and a lot of eating and drinking.  I am running Grandmas June 18th, so it is a critical time to sharpen fitness and be in a good healthy rhythm.  I chose to golf  18 holes Sunday morning, I did not feel I could take more time away from family so no run.  I also chose to eat and drink too much and not drink enough water.  By Monday morning I was pretty dehydrated and we were in the last throngs of weekend fun, then tearing down camp - no run.  By Tuesday, I was just out of rhythm and lazy - no run.  If I were better at balance, a great weekend like this would not have to get in the way of training.  Instead, I end up feeling training guilt that taints my family and friend fun Nirvana.

At this critical time in training for Grandmas marathon, I fell down.  It will likely cost me a chance at a sub 3 marathon.  But I am back up and mentally ready to train hard for Leadville.

Week # 8 in review - Weight 220# +#5 (Boo! Hiss!)
M  10 w/ 4@ T AM / 5 Easy PM
T  10 easy in AM / 6 Easy Lunch / 26 Ice Age - Glacial Trail PM
W  8 Easy in AM
TH  8 Easy in PM
F  18 w/ 5x5 minutes @ CV in AM
SA 12 Easy in AM

Total mileage 103 miles - 50 beers - Camping fun weekend

Week # 9 in review - Weight 222# +#2 (Boo! Hiss!)

W 6 easy in PM
TH 6 easy in AM / 20 Wiouwash Rail Trail in PM
F 7 easy in AM / 6 Easy @ lunch / 15 hilly trail - 9 Mile Forrest Wausau PM
SA 6 Easy in AM
SU Off

Total Mileage 66 - 15 beers - FANS24 fun weekend


  1. "It is not as important how many times you fall down, only that you get up one more time than you fall."

    Yes, that is a good motto! and one I repeat to myself often, it is a good thing that the ground is not a comfortable place to be.

  2. "for though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again, but the wicked are brought down by calamity." Proverbs 24:16

    Hang in there DB, and keep looking to the One who gives us strength to get up again!