Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Leadville Training Week # 10 - Taper for Grandma's Marathon

Why do I care to run a sub 3 marathon at Grandmas? 

Last year, April and May, I was in the best shape of my life, both for speed and ultra-running.  After the 24 hour World Championship race in May I was burnt out and basically took the rest of the year off from training.  By the Milwaukee Marathon, in October, I was out of shape.  I ended up with a perfect weather day = Cool + a light tailwind and stole a 2:59 (I sure did not deserve it)

I realized afterward that it was my 7th year in a row with a sub 3 marathon.  It is important to me for 2 reasons:  1)  I have to get into some resemblance of shape to break 3 hours and 2)  Some day it will take all I have to break 3.  I hope having this goal will keep me interested in running and training for years to come!

Taper has been going according to plan ... mostly.  Running is exactly to plan - Getting rested, but also trying to sharpen the little bit of speed I have.  Eating / Drinking was pretty good last week ... until the official start of boating season = Sunday.  Our family spent the day boating, followed by a camp fire.  Perfect day for drinking beer and eating less than ideal.  At this point I do not care, it was a great family day.

Week # 10 in review (220#) = (-2)
M  14 interval in PM with 3x5 minutes @ CV + 1 mile @ MP
T  9 easy in AM / 5 easy @ Lunch + 4 striders
W 12 easy in AM
TH  6 Tempo at Lunch - 25 minutes @ T
F  6 Easy in AM / 5 Easy @ Lunch
SA 14 interval in AM with 4x4:40 @ CV + 1.5 miles @ MP / 5 Easy in Afternoon
SU  6 Easy in AM

Total Miles = 82 with 3 speed workouts

I can not wait until I can re-boot the Leadville training!

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