Thursday, June 13, 2013

Maritime Marathon Taper

It is now 10 days before the Maritime Marathon in Manitowoc, WI.  Since it takes about 10 days to get value from training stimulus ... all the training is in the bank and it's time to taper.

What?  I really just started to train consistenly 6 weeks ago. I am just starting to make a little (very little) progress toward losing weight and getting a bit faster.  May 4th I ran a 6:40 pace 10k and June 8th a 6:24 pace 5 miler.

I am finally getting comfortable with training within the limits of less miles.  I have managed to match my eating to the lower mileage and I am starting to believe I can train and improve this way.

I signed up for this marathon to try and extend my streak of years with a sub 3 hour marathon to 10 years.  Things are clicking a little too late to be confident.  June 23rd is too late to expect great running weather, so I am a long shot at best.

10 days of doing everything right and I have a chance.

The other thing I like to keep in mind is hitting marathon times.  From 2:45 - 3:00, I still need 2:46, 2:51-2:54.  From 3:00-3:09, I still need 3:01, 3:02, 3:04 and 3:08.  I am not even going to entertain that I need 7 times in 3:10-3:20 range - I will be faster than that!

The time I have run the most often is 2:56 and I have run 2:55-3:00 9 times, so I am just hoping my body knows what to do.

I believe with decent weather I am in 2:56-3:04 shape.  More specifically 2:59-3:01 ...

Good running to all -

PS ~ Beer is evil until 10:00am on 6/23!

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  1. Best of luck for your run. It is nice to see you keep a track of all this. Also, I hope you get great running weather!