Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Maritime Marathon - Full taper - No madness

Usually I cannot stand the 2 weeks of taper to a marathon.  I get really irritable going from running a lot to very little running. 

My training level for this marathon was 2/3 the normal amount = 85-95 MPW.  This leaves me with a lot of time for other life activities.

I have not noticed any PMI (Pre-Marathon Irritability) yet and there are only 4 days to go.  I usually end up mowing the lawn 2-3 times, getting a haircut, getting the oil changed, edging the lawn and applying weed and feed marathon week.

The weather forecast is pretty average for late June, but we have had a really cool spring, so I was hopeful for a bit cooler temps.  Saturday night's low is forecasted for 62F and Sunday's high in the upper 70s with 75-80% humidity.  Winds out of the south 13 MPH.  The course heads North the 1st half and back south the 2nd half.

If I have a chance at sub 3 it will look like 1:27 / 1:32 with how the wind is forecasted.

I would put the odds 2/1 against.

But you never know.  I have had a couple of races where I was sure I would be 2:55 and my legs only wanted to do 7:15-7:25 pace.  I have had another couple race I felt I was in 3:05-3:10 shape and ran a 2:55-2:59.

I am hoping the 1st couple miles are 6:40-6:50 and feel easy ... But I will enjoy the exerience of another marathon.

Good running to all!

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  1. Marathons are usually hectic and tiring but description of this marathon gives an impression that you are working really hard. Best of luck for your training.