Sunday, June 9, 2013

2013 Walleye run 5 mile report

I last did this race in 1997.  It is a fun, smaller family focused event.  It has a 5 mile, 2 mile, kids 1 mile and kids 1/3 mile race.  Walleye weekend is a big event for Fon du lac with tons of activities going on.

This was a family race ~ DD#1 (12) did the 5 mile race, DW and DD#2 (8) did the 2 mile race.

The weather was great for June in WI ~ 58F, cloudy with a light breeze.  The only thing keeping it from perfect weather was high humidity, as sprinkles filled most the morning.

The last 5 weeks, I have had a little more consistency in my running and my weight is at 220 pounds, down 5 pounds from the 10k I did at the beginning of May. 

I decided to run comfortably hard the 1st mile. I usually over-run mile #1 and then suffer as I fight hard to maintain pace the rest of the race in races 5k - 10k.  My goal was to be under 32 and hoping to be near 31 minutes.

Mile #1 6:30 ~ There goes a 31:00.  I decide to relax, but try and pick it up a little.

Mile #2 6:30 ~ I guess I only have 6:30 speed, so I might as well find an efficient stride and focus on maintaining pace.  My limiting factor is getting oxygen.

Mile #3 6:33 ~ It dawns on me ... I am not suffering.  I decide I should suffer some race pain the next 2 miles.

Mile #4 6:17 ~ Some suffering as I struggle getting enough oxygen, but I decide I can suffer more.

Mile #5 6:09 ~ I might have been able to get 4-5 more seconds out of my body the last mile if I pushed to pass out territory, but not today.

Final time 31:59 ~ 2nd AG.

DD#1 was 2nd in her age group.

DW and DD#2 were @ 25 minutes ~ reasonable for non-runners.

We celebrated with Beer, soda and deep fried cheese curds.

Nice family day!

I does leave me at the bare minimum speed to hit 2:59:59 in the marathon in 2 weeks ~ Darn ... I am enjoying running a lot less, but I miss being in better shape.

Good running to all!

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  1. Nice run Mike! I've found this to my liking. Carbo-Pro. Put it in water or other fluid and hardly know it is there, but provides 200-300 cals, depending on scoop. It kept me in the game at IceAge Trail 50M back in May to a new trail PR(8:14). I even used it at Kettle through 77 Miles until my DNF(Calf) and felt on my game most of the day. Good luck at the marathon in a couple of weeks.