Friday, November 16, 2012

11/16/2012 Anticipating The Monkey

Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon is in less than 2 days.  I have taken a break from seriouse training after the Badgerland Striders 24 Sept 1-2 through the end of October. I am not in particularly good shape.  But "The Monkey" deserves my best effort I currently have available.  Boasting 3600 feet of ups and downs on pavement in Percy Warner Park (PWP), the Monkey will punish me regardless of my fitness.

"The Monkey" is an old school race, not about PRs, but running hard and reckless.  Pace is pretty useless as running 5:45 or 7:15 may be an excellently paced mile in the PWP.  "The Monkey" is about old and new friends joining together singularly in purpose - To survive the Flying Monkey Attacks.

Post race Yazzo beer is excellent and "The People's Buffet" (potluck) allows us to share a little piece of the part of the country that we are from.  I tend to bring something cheese related (WI).

I am not a country music fan, but I look forward to this annual journey to Nashville.

Good running to all -

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