Monday, June 11, 2012

Post FANS24 Recovery

The disappointed of my poor FANS24 performance is fading and I am feeling pretty good.  I have always felt that when you are limited in races (Marathon and beyond) by something other than your fitness, you legs seem to bounce back quickly. 

I took 3 days off from running and caring about what I ate or drank.  Our family went out to our favorite pub on Monday night and we rode our bikes to a Mexican restaurant for margaritas Wednesday night. 

Thursday I was mentally ready to train again - Wow that was fast.  Training is a lot more than running, it is a state of mind where I make good decisions that leave my body ready to train.  I am smart enough to know that my mind might be ready, but my body needs at least a week to do anything more than run slow.

Thursday through Sunday I ran 5 times for 52 miles, everything seems to feel in working order.  My mind is already plotting different training scenarios:  1)  Fast 5k-10k, 2)  Fast marathon, 3) Strong technical, hilly 100M trail race or 4) good 24 hour race.  I am not ready to pick between them.

For now I just want to run and try to lose weight.  I will continue taking it easy to the end of this week for the Gary Bjorkland 1/2 Marathon.  If I could run @ 1:25 just 13 days after my 24 hour race it would be outstanding.  More likely I will struggle and run 1:27-1:29.  My summer training plan is for 1 speed workout each week, 1 hilly technical trail run each week and 1 bigger hill repeat session.  Mileage is not as important as losing weight and I would like to be @ 175 by end of summer.  I have not weighed 175 since I was 19, hell I have not weight under 200 but for maybe 6 months total since I was 20.

On a very happy note - My dear sister made her Boston qualifying time -7 minutes the same weekend that I ran FANS.  I am excited for her and look forward to being with her in Boston 2013!

Good running to all!

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  1. for some reason picturing you running 1:25 or better would not surprise me. Mentally Gary will be like a commercial break for you compared to FANS.

    I missed my chance of connecting with you at Nokomis but hope to connect in Duluth!

    Congrats to you sister too! Have a great Saturday and the whole family can celebrate.
    Happy early Father's Day.