Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Signed up for Glacial 50 Mile

I had promised myself I would not race again in 2013. I guess I am a liar ... A no good dirty dog!

I wanted the priveledge of signing up for the Western States 100 Mile lottery and I do not have a 50 mile qualifying race.

Glacial 50 mile: This is my favorite race, it has a low key vibe. Great organization, volunteers and race course. I have not trained since June, I have an angry back and hip, but what the hell? I pulled the trigger and signed up a little over a week ago.

11 days of training and 10 days of taper will not leave me with much room for error. But I believe if I pace very conservative, I can get the 50 miles done in under 11 hours, the required time to use it as a qualifying race.

If I were to race aggressively, I might be able to get under 9:30, but that is not the goal of the day so I expect to be around 10 hours ... as long as I am under 11, I am happy.

Good running to all!


  1. Patience, relax, W.S happens every year and is overrated anyway.

  2. He, He ~ I think someone wants one less lottery applicant. But reality, it is overrated. Boston is overratted also, but I ran that too just to experience it.