Friday, August 2, 2013

Racing year over ... Maybe

I have made peace with the fact that even if I get my issues fixed up, my racing season is over. I was reluctant to let go of my goal to run a sub 3 marathon every year. I really thought I would be able to do this for many years to come. The streak will end at 9 years in a row. The "Maybe" is for a miracle - Miracles do happen, but I am not expecting one. I have looked at for what would be possible. The latest one in WI is November 10th ~ Mad City. The latest one that would work logistically is December 15th ~ Dallas White Rocks. Four things would have to happen: 1) Specialist sees no long term issues in my vertebrea if I keep running, 2) I have to be injury free and 3) I have to lose 30 pounds and 4) I have to have enough time to actually train injury free for at least 12 weeks ... so basically be fixed up by September 15th. Like I said, it would take a miracle. Good running to all!


  1. That's a hell of cool streak of sub 3:00's, best of luck in however it turns out.

  2. Thanks - There are times we all need a carrot to get our ass training ~ The sub 3 was my carrot the last few years.

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