Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 29th Still Alive

   I am remain on break from any serious running or training.  This break may last the rest of the year. 

   I do hobby jog 5-7 days a week, once per day.  If I feel like running long, I do.  If I feel like a speed workout, I do that too.  I often start the week with a pretty strong plan, only to skip or significantly shorted 3-4 runs a week as I am enjoying letting life get in the way.

Since my last post I have raced (Fun run)
3/23 - Clinton Lakes 30 miler 5:06:48 13/65
4/15 - Boston Marathon 3:12:39
5/4 - Run for Home 10k 41:27

All 3 runs were at least 1 minute per mile slower than I should be at if I were in serious training, but I did enjoy racing.

I am looking forward to crewing my friend Don Sullivan this weekend at FANS 24.

I have a few more fun runs planned this summer ~ But now it is boating season, and I doubt the training will get very serious.

Good running to all!


  1. That would be nice - I will be the guy wishing I was in shape enough to be running it.

  2. Nothing wrong with having fun with it Mike. Good for in containing those competitive juices.

    Since we last corresponded I've run the following:
    4/13 - Martian Marathon (3:25)
    4/28 - Pinckney Trail Marathon (4:01)
    5/10 - Ice Age Trail 50M (8:14) New Trail 50M PR by 16min
    6/01 - Kettle Moraine 100M / DNF @ 77M(14:37)/calf strain.

    Recovery is next for me. Not sure where that will take me.
    Have fun boating my friend.