Friday, February 8, 2013

Which race distances scare you?

I am thinking about this year's racing goals = 5k-10k.  Looking at a race predictor

I feel little to no anxiety about getting into 2:50 marathon shape = being able to run 6:30 miles.  The thought of running a 29:19 5 mile, 17:45 5K or a 5:10 mile makes me pause and wonder if I can do it. 

Having never had a goal race or tapered for a race under a marathon, my experience in the shorter distances are running them as a speed workout while marathon training.

If I am going to spend 7 months training for the 5k-10k distance, not only will I taper for these goal races, but you better bet my goals are faster than the numbers above.  Of course if you read my post on "January Optimism", it is only February, so I still believe I will do great things in 2013!

100 Milers or 24 hour races do not scare me ~ Only a little dread about the pain that will happen.  Marathon - 50 milers I always look forward to as 9 out of 10 times they bring joy to me on race day.  5k - 1/2 marathons actually have caused me the most disappointment and in race anguish.  The only time I smile in these shorter races is after I am done!

I do have some long races that scare me ~ not the distance, but the race.  Arrowhead 135 or any race that you have to carry all of your stuff in a polk is not on my radar screen.  I will leave those races for the real Manly-Men out there.

Good running to all -


  1. 5k & 10 races scare me. I go fast(er) in training and push myself hard, but lining up for those races gives me chills.

    I love running the half/marathon/50K/50M and timed distances. I use the half primarily these days for speed work for the longer stuff.
    I really like the 50K and 50M distances. The recovery is so much quicker.

    The 100M is one I am training for but I will never strive to keep doing them. Finish a couple and be done with it.

    I won't be running any 5k or 10k races anytime soon :).

  2. I have never done a race shorter than a 5k, so 5ks are the worst. I know it will be uncomfortable mile #1, painful #2 and a test of how much pain I am willing to take in mile #3.

    At least in 5M and 10K the period before pain starts is a little longer. Usually 1st 2.5-3 miles are just uncomfortable.

    It seems the more time (mileage) I have invested in the race before the pain starts the easier it is to accept the pain. So marathons are not that bad ~ usually 6 miles of a high level of pain, but 20 miles to work into it.