Friday, October 19, 2012

Back to Training after Glacial Trail 50

Glacial Trail 50 really kicked my butt ... well actually my quads.  I am not sure if it was the race or not following my immediate post race recovery routine.  I guess it doesn't matter, my quads are still hurting 5 days later.

I have been thinking about training for the rest of the year.  Less of a plan and more of training philosophy.  For the remainder of 2012, I will be much less focused on total volume and more on quality workouts.  I still may end up with a big mileage week here or there, but not at the expense of quality.

I will be increasing my easy pace - I run most of my mileage at easy pace.  I have had easy pace too slow ~ closer to recover pace ... recovery pace will remain slow.  I will try for 2 quality speed workouts each week and one moderate to long hilly trail run or hill grinder workout.  I would expect that speed workouts will be 25% shorter, but with the same volume of speed.

I have plenty of aerobic fitness and will be doing enough mileage not to lose it.  My focus has returned to 8k to marathon speed.  The trail or hill run is to keep my general hill strength stable.

I have 2 races remaining in 2012:  Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon and Desert Solstice 24 hour track race.  The marathon is for fun, although I have a handful of friends I want to beat in the race.  The goal race is the 24 hour track race and I cannot let the marathon interfere with that goal.

57 days until Desert Solstice ~ 8 weeks ... 6 weeks to train and 2 for taper.  Let me see what I can do with the next 57 days. 

I have been thinking through a race schedule for 2013 ... Lots of thoughts but not much set in stone, except I am looking forward to the Boston Marathon with my sister.

Good running to all ~


  1. Yeap! Quality over quantity for sure.

    I ended up pacing a friend at St. Pats 24HR. He had 42 miles under his feet when he picked me up and I paced him another 8HRs(36 Miles). Alot of running, walking, running, etc. I left him at 12:30AM when he was at 78 miles. He finished at 85 after taking a nap. It was a great experience. The winner crushed the CR with 124 Miles. The old record was 114 from last year. This 3 mile loop isn't easy, but I love running it. I am a bit sore myself :).

    Like you, I'll be at Boston myself. Look forward to running it for a 5th time. Haven't been there since 2007. Man, time flies when you're having fun.

    Good luck at Monkey and the Desert!

  2. Hey Mike! Ended up running the Chicago Lakefront 50M on Saturday. 50 miles of pavement :). I attempted this race last year and dropped at 37.5 miles (went out way to fast and burned up). This time I approached it differently and started off slower and picked it up in the end. Ended up running 7:30:40/unofficial. My splits were 3:47/3:43. It is 4x12.5M out/backs. We ran out into the wind, and it was windy, the kind that stands you up. But it was nice to have it at your back on the return. I took in 3 gels a loop and drank mostly water/Coke. A bit sore today :).

  3. I love running too. It is one of my great ways to maintain me fit, after losing last year 9 kg. Do you consider running great for all ages, or there are some restrictions in this sense?