Saturday, October 6, 2012

10/6/12 Achillies Still Angry

It has been almost 3 weeks since I tweaked my right achilles Tendon playing Volleyball.  I have used this time most unproductively. 

I have not used it going to the gym to work on core and hip/leg strength

I have not used the time to cross train on elliptical or stair climber

I have gotten a lot of work done at my job (Very good thing)

I have used it to turn September into Beertember and Eat-lots-of-food-tember ... leaving at least 10 pounds of fat on this big horse that was not there on September 1st.

The achilles is 3 weeks into a 6 week healing process (Usually) and it feels about right.  I actually re-started speed work this week and last week I managed 1 good 4 hour trail run.

Speed is a matter of perspective as I have lost @ 30 seconds from LAT and CV pace.

As my good friend Richard always says "I will always get up one more time than I get knocked down"  I am ready to focus on getting ready for Desert Solstice 24 Hour December 15-16.  I will be ready to compete!  This race is a little intimidating when you see the entrant field to date:

NameNotable Performance
Jay Aldous13:52:29 (100 Miles)
Michael Arnstein13:46:18 (100 Miles)
Jennifer Aradi123.6 (24 Hours)
Joe Fejes147.48 Miles (24 Hour)
Connie Gardner149.368 Miles (24 Hour)
Michael Henze154.48 Miles (24 Hour)
Liza Howard15:33 (100 Miles)
Debra Horn134.45 Miles (24 Hour)
Carilyn Johnson130.92 Miles (24 Hour)
Chris Peverada15:41 (100 Miles)
Ian Sharman12:44:33 (100 Miles)
Pam Smith7:43:04 (100 KM)

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  1. Just get your feet back under you. Catching up to you. Been pretty solid on core and weights (well compared to my past core/weights regimens have ever looked).

    Managing a few good run/hikes a week as well and learning and working on running mechanics related to ITBS strengthening process, really doing my best to focus on now and let the future come to me.