Monday, July 9, 2012

Another weekend of not training

I should never post workouts before I do them.  This weekend we went back to Wausau to boat with friends on Saturday and Family on Sunday.  I had thought I would be able to get up early Sunday and fit in a 3-4 hour run up and down Rib Mountain (700 vertical feet each rep).

Friday night I had a really nice 20 miler with 5x1 mile @ LAT pace.  I could not start until late because I had to get stuff done at work.  The problem with really long or intense workouts that end after 10pm is I never sleep well.

After no sleep Friday night, I got up at 6am and did the 10 miler I had planned.  Boating was awesome with the Salzmans - We get to see these friends only a couple of times a year.  After a day of wakeboarding and tubing like a 30 year old,  I knew I would be very sore Sunday morning.  After boating (8:00pm) We make the decision to go over to their house for a few drinks - I knew this was the choice of not getting up to run the big mountain workout.  I can train anytime and time with friends is precious - So I think I made a great choice. 

This summer is turning out that way - I train pretty hard M-F and enjoy the weekend with Family and Friends.

Sunday morning I did manage to run 8 miles before repeating a long day of boating - 8 hours in the sun, playing on the water can really drain your energy.

On the bright side - It is Monday again, so after sleeping in this morning I am sure I will start my M-F focused training at lunch today.

I did get 114 miles in 11 runs with a 36 mile long run and a 20 miler with speed.
Good running to all -

PS - I think I will actually get a big workout in this Saturday (DWD 50k) ... it's gonna be fun!

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