Friday, July 6, 2012

2012 DWD - Devils Lake 50K Pre-Race thoughts

This time last year I was recovering from a bunch of stitches in my head from trying to scalp myself.  I took 6 days off to recover from the head injury and on the 7th day I ran DWD Devils Lake 50k.  I was sluggish, but enjoying the experience when I fell ... Unable to roll to my back I caught myself with my arms.  In that split seconds I sheered off most the cartilage in my elbow and fractured the radial head. 

After a few more weeks off wallowing in food and alcohol I had gained a bunch of weight.  I got in 4 good weeks of training leading up to Leadville, but weighed 228# at weigh in.  I tried to run a race of a person 200# ... DNF'd at Mile #70.  It was a summer of disappointment for running.

I am really looking forward to DWD 50k this year ... To get the devil off my back.  I am looking forward to enjoying this hot weather race (upper 80s - low 90s) and not injuring anything.  My weight is reasonable 200-205.  My training not great, but solid ... I have done a moderate amount of trails, hills and a little bit of speed.  I have a large volume of miles this year > 3,500 YTD.

This is not a goal race - My goals in order of importance:
1)  Finish without injury
2)  Have fun
3)  Post race beer with Richard, Mike, Abe and others
4)  Break 5 hours

I am planning on only a 2 day taper with tonight and next Tuesday as 20 milers with moderate speed work.  This Sunday I plan on working up and down Rib Mountain in Wausau for at least 3 hours.  Next Wednesday will be a 20+ mile run, then it will be time for a 2 day taper.

This race is good training for my Fall goal race - Glacial 50 miler.  I think if I have a really good day ~ maybe top 5, but that is a bit of a long shot.

Good running to all -


  1. Looking very much forward to those Post race beers, have to get my Afton 25K out of the way tomorrow first.

  2. Great attitude and goals. Cheers to fun, injury free, keep your scalp and some celebratory beer!