Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Good News - 2012 FANS 24 Hour race in "On"

So it appears FANS24 will happen at the same location as always in 2012. 

The last 2 weeks of anti-taper were great FANS training and let's face it - FANS is the goal of all this training anyway.  Plus I only have to endure 1 week of taper.  My biggest dilemma is to think through training from 4/23 - 6/2 leading up to FANS.  Some of this will depend on how beat up I am from this weekends marathon.

I am currently in running withdrawal with running distance and frequency that provide no satisfaction at all.  I have not changed my eating - But since I was eating to slowly lose weight at 150-180 MPW, my glycogen stores are being properly replenished.

My hamstring is still unhappy - It let me know last night after I had finished a little speed workout to keep tension in my legs (3x3 minutes @ 5k pace).  I think at the slower marathon pace it will hold out.

I am hopeful I can hit my sub 3 goal without running 100% effort - 95% would be nice and helpful for recovery.  But if I have to go 100% to eek out a sub 3 I will ~ Silly old man goal.

I am looking forward to time with a few friends in Carmel.  I have designated Saturday post race as a holiday from training and will enjoy alcohol for the 1st time in 68 days (65 days down - 3 to go).

I have this pipe dream that I will feel good enough when I wake up Sunday morning in Carmel, IN - To stop off at the Ice Age trail on the way home and get 4-5 hours in the Northern Kettle Moraine ... Not likely.

Good running to all!


  1. What time are you coming through the Northern Kettles? I may be ableto provide some company, depending on the time.

  2. Sunday will be a "Not Likely" time depends on how hungover and how much I feel I should be punished for being hungover.

    But ... I do plan on running for certain after work on either Tuesday or Thursday night. I will run Mauthe Lake to Parnell Tower parking lot and back - Starting between 5:30 and 5:45 one of those days. I like getting a couple of hours of headlamp time.