Sunday, April 15, 2012

Avoiding Taper Madness

Anytime I taper for a race after a big block of training it drives me nuts.  The taper for the Carmel Marathon 4/21 has been easy ... because I have not started ... yet.

Week ended 4/8 160 miles in 21:32 - 14 runs.  43 miler and 2 moderate speed workouts.

Week ended 4/15 163 miles in 21:47 - 16 runs.  31 miler and 3 moderate speed workouts

We received some potential bad news from the FANS 24 hour race organization on Wednesday 4/4:  "Minneapolis Parks and Rec have decided to reject all special permits that use parks between mid-night and 6am."  They have had a serious lawsuit from a different event for trouble that happened during the overnight hours. Since they did not follow their own rules (closed 12-6) it appears to have added more "Negligence" to the Parks and Recs. 

The news hit me like a sucker-punch!  Starting in early February I had worked desperately to get in shape by June 2nd.  I was out of shape and had 40# + to lose, so I need every day of it.  I brooded over it for a day - I had a bad eating day Thursday full of negativity.  Then the answer hit me = Ultras are all about dealing with unexpected adversity.  Those that are able to trouble shoot mid-race are successful. 

My new plan is to train as if I need to be ready to race May 12th at 3-days at the fair in NJ.  This is a great race put on by Hasher-Rick = it will run smooth and be hassle free.  Until May12th I will do everything I can to be as fit as possible = No taper for Carmel Marathon.  My "old man" goal is to break 3 hours in a marathon every year. Carmel Marathon is my targeted race to hit the 8th consecutive year of breaking 3 hours. 

We are all hopeful FANS 24 situtuation will be resolved, but I will be ready May 12 if need be.

I am planning on a 5 day taper to Carmel Marathon this week or call it a cut-back week in my Ultra-Training ... your choice.  In the last 46 days I have run 1,165 miles or an average of 177 miler per week.  So a recovery week with a 26.2 mile tempo works for me.

Good running to all!


  1. Mike,

    As sorry as I am to hear about your change in plans, I am happy that I'll finally get a chance to meet you at 3-days. See you then.

  2. Steve - 3-days-at-the-fair is still my back-up plan. I am guessing there is a 70-80% chance FANS will come up with a solution and I will be at FANS June 2-3.

    3 days may even be easier to get a big distance at, but I need the 3 extra weeks if I can get them + driving to the race is much easier than flying etc.

    Michael Henze